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    St. Louis Weight LossIf you live in St. Louis and are looking for a St. Louis Weight Loss program that works,  this blog post will give you information in making the right choice. You may feel bloated and inflamed. In addition you may have fatigue and just don’t feel yourself anymore. We specialize in patients just like you and can help.

    Our Wellness program not only helps one’s health but also enables our patients to be successful in their Weight Loss goals. If Weight Loss is your goal you can finally accomplish it. I have treated numerous patients whose goal was Wellness and Weight loss with tremendous results.

    Almost everyone that has dieted has been met with failures. When I see you for your first appointment I allow an hour to meet with you. I will explain why diets fail and get you on the right track. Our program is all natural. No side effects from medications and or not understanding what to do on a program. We assist you in every way to keep you on track. The results are Wellness and Weight Loss. Even when dieting and exercise do not work Weight Loss is possible with our program. As a matter of fact anyone who commits to this program and continues not only loses weight but changes their health in a positive way. I have had many patients that have not succeeded with a variety of programs, especially the Menopausal and post-Menopausal female. With this program success, Weight Lose is achieved, inflammation decreased and health improved.

    Here is one of many case studies in our office that have had a great deal of success with Weight Loss. This covers one of the problems that I see daily that makes a weight loss program difficult.

    Sandy came into the office after hearing about our Weight Loss/Wellness program. She had started dieting and exercise with good results. But the last two years she had been doing the same thing but simply could not get the results she wanted. When she came into the office she stated she had done well but could not get rid of that “roll around the stomach and weight on the hip area.”

    After a thorough consultation, it was obvious that Sandy had Estrogen dominance. Estrogen dominance is commonly seen in females and at times in males. In the female it will manifest in the stomach, hips and the triceps fat (back of the upper arm). When Estrogen is not cleared properly from the body it will be stored in fat cells. At that point even though one will try as hard as they can to lose weight the fat will stay especially in these areas because the estrogen needs a place to store.

    These patients will always have difficulty losing weight. When I find Estrogen dominance we use certain supplements to get rid of the excess estrogen. Each patient is different so one must carefully evaluate every patient. We also look at the hypothalamus in the brain as it talks to the pituitary which in turn governs the thyroid, adrenals and ovaries. Based on that I make recommendations for the patient. Once the body starts to clear the estrogen weight loss continues. Octavio Chirino MD states that “as women gain weight with the passing years via bad diet, decreased exercise and sluggish metabolism that adipose fat both produces and stores estrogen from the hormone androstenoine turning into Estrogen.”

    Symptoms of Estrogen dominance that I see are decreased sexual desire, mood swings, depression, anxiety, water retention, poor sleep and increased aging among others. Of course as is becoming more well know is that Estrogen dominance will cause an increase in breast, cervical and uterine cancers. In these patients there is no one size fits all treatment plan.

    Each patient is unique and as you look at their complete health picture is always different from others. This is one reason that on each weight loss patient I run a urinalysis routinely to see as they are losing weight what I need to do to “tweak” the program for their benefit. The one thing that is sure is that when we start a patient on this program if they commit to it they will not only lose weight but change their entire health picture. They will feel better, look better, and have more energy. Many problems they have will simply disappear and most of the time their medical provider can decrease or take them off their medication. The one key is COMMITMENT.

    If you need to lose weight our or just want to feel better our St. Louis Weight Loss program is for you. I will be happy to help you reach your health care goals. Call the office today. Don’t put off what can help you reclaim your life and get the results that you desire.

    St. Louis Weight Loss. Call us at 314-843-9355. Our St. Louis Weight Loss program will help you get the results that you want and obtain the health that you desire.



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