• Natural Treatment for Thyroid Disorders

    Natural Treatment for Thyroid Disorders


    thyroidA patient has given me permission to post this partial information on her response to Clinical Nutrition using Nutrition Response Testing for Natural suport for Thyroid Disorders.  We evaluated this patient over time with lab testing to monitor her progress. She came in with hot flashes, high TSH (thyroid), and her liver enzymes were high. High TSH, most of the time, is treated medically with Synthroid. She did not want to go on this medication because of its possible side effects, so we started to treat the seven pillars of health using Nutritional Response Testing™ (see Nutrition Response Testing in services). She contacted her Medical Provider, who was all in favor of the nutritional approach but would monitor her Thyroid also.

    Then Thyroid receives signals from the pituitary on how much TSH to release. In turn, the Thyroid sends a signal back asking for TSH so the Thyroid can manufacture T3 and T4.  This is called a negative feedback system. T4 is also converted to T3 in the Liver so Liver function must be optimal. Every cell in the body needs Thyroid hormone.

    The hot flashes were eliminated with only a few weeks of treatment. As time went on I tested her monthly as well as using Clinical Nutrition that supported what was happening physiologically. I always evaluate the entire system giving the nutritional supplements that it needs not the actual disease-evaluating the seven pillars of health. She started to respond to care. Her energy increased and she started to lose weight. She stated she simply felt better overall.

    As of her last visit her TSH down into the normal range. Her liver enzymes were also within normal limits. Her Medical provider told her she would just be monitored to make sure the TSH did not go up in the future but was very satisfied with her progress.

    Nutritional Therapy takes time. It is always directed at giving support to the whole body and not just at a symptom. It gives the body the ability to heal itself. At times, there will be bumps in the road. Sometimes when symptoms resolve they will come back for a time while the biochemistry in the body continues to change. But if one hangs in there the body will progress. Medications which are certainly needed at times suppress symptoms will give some symptomatic relief but will not heal. If you have health problems and want better health the nutritional way, call us today at 314-843-9355.

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