• Digestive Problems

    Digestive Problems

    A patient has given me permission to post her case. She came in with a general lack of focus. Here memory was poor and concentration was extremely difficult. During consultation and examination, it was revealed that she had considerable digestive problems, gas, bloating and Acid Reflux. (View the article contained in this email on Gut Brain) I explained to her about the Gut Brain axis and how the two affected each other. In order to see results in Nutrition support, it is necessary to use the correct nutritional supplements in order to change both the gut and the brain.  I see many patients like this. Some have symptoms related to gut and brain and some only have symptoms related to one system at the time.

    In this particular case, I started with the Gut first using some enzymes, Probiotics and Prebiotics. We started to give nutritional support to the gut. These as all supplements in the office were clinical Nutritional Supplements and I tested what would work best on this particular patient in the office. Also in the initial protocol was support for the Liver which is a large part of digestion. The second visit was in three weeks. At this time her digestive symptoms had improved and she felt that her moods were a little better. On that visit, I started testing and giving supplements to give nutritional support to the brain itself.

    After four months she was much better. The digestive symptoms were under control unless she would eat poorly. Also, she felt much better. Her concentration and memory had improved considerably. When she would do tasks she was able to focus on them more efficiently. She had a general better feeling overall and her energy had increased. Her Medical Doctor was also able to eliminate her medications. At this point, the gut is doing well and we are moving on to deal with some other health issues. I am confident they will also respond to nutritional therapy.

    Click on the link below to see an article on the Gut-Brain Axis. If one is suffering nutrition can get them a long way. Call us at 314-843-9355.

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