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    According to the most recent studies seventeen million people suffer from depression. Unfortunately the numbers continue to rise – 12% of men are affected as well as 25% of women.

    For anyone that treats patients with any method there are always a great number of patients that experience depression. As someone who does wellness care or functional therapy, I see many that have this problem. With proper nutritional support we can alleviate these problems in many instances and in most cases, enable patients to decrease or be taken off their medications by their medical provider.
    These are the official symptoms that would indicate depression. If five are present then a diagnosis is made, but many patients have less than five and still are effected.depression-can-be-treated-naturally
    1. Restlessness and irritability.
    2. Feelings of guilt, worthlessness and helplessness.
    3. Thoughts of death or suicide.
    4. Pain in the chest or headaches that have no other cause.
    5. Decreased energy and fatigue.
    6. Difficulty concentrating and/or making decisions.
    7. Decreased or increased sleep.
    8. Loss of interest in pleasure, including sex.
    9. Sadness, pessimisms, emptiness of hopeless feelings.
    10 Weight gain or loss with a decrease or increase in appetite.

    Depression is costly.

    The estimated cost of depression is over 50 million dollars a year. The cost of medications to treat the disease is staggering. The side effects of medications are certainly something to be concerned abut. Below I have few links on antidepressants. You should never take yourself off of an antidepressant without being seen by the appropriate health care provider.


    Natural Options for Depression

    There are a number of natural options for someone with depression. However it always depends on that individuals physiology. They may need gut support for example to support the brain-gut axis. Sometimes support of the neurotransmitters is necessary. A hair analysis can be very helpful to determine any mineral deficiencies or is the mineral ratios are off. This is also very important in kids with ADD, ADHD and patients with Bipolar symptoms. Balancing the minerals when deficient can go a long way towards getting one healthy.

    Recent studies have linked depression to inflammation. Recently I have focused more on reducing inflammation in these patient and have seen much better results. There are a number of nutrients and herbs that can help with depression.

    If you are having these symptoms and want a alternative that could help please call me at 314-843-9355. As we progress your medical provider will be able to decrease your medication as you improve when that is possible.

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