• Hair Analysis: Check Your Mineral Status

    Hair Analysis: Check Your Mineral Status

    Why Hair Analysis ?

    In many instances I will run a hair analysis on a patient for different reasons. Kids with mood disorders it is always a must. Many adults with different conditions such as depression and Bi-Polar it can also be helpful. For preventative care it is also a great help. Running it once a year can show the mineral content and we can balance it with nutritional supplements. So it is great for preventative.

    Hair analysis will show us the mineral content in the hair. It will reflect the mineral content that is in the body tissues. It will show a mineral content deficiency or surplus in the body. Mineral imbalances seen in hair analysis can give us a picture to so that we can avoid problems in the future.

    One example of this would be calcium. If it is low we know that with time there may be a tendency to osteoporosis. The proper supplementation now may avoid osteoporosis later. (When it come o Calcium never take Calcium Carbonate which is in most over the counter supplements.)

    Minerals are to the body what sparkplugs are to the car. Almost every enzyme reaction in the body uses minerals. And without enzyme activity life will no longer exist.

    Really anyone that is sick in any way can benefit form hair analysis. A tremendous amount iof information can be obtained fir a minimal cost.

    Below are some signs of mineral deficiency:
    Stretch marks or lack of growth – Zinc deficiency
    Deep grooves in nails- Calcium deficiency
    White spots in fingernails- Zinc deficiency
    Long ridges in the nails- Iron deficiency
    Brittle hair and nails-Calcium imbalances
    White spots in fingernails-Zinc deficiency
    Mood swings-Possible toxic metal accumulation (also shown on a proper hair analysis)

    The absence of these does not mean that you do not have a mineral deficiency but are indicators that we can look at.

    Here are some of the more common causes of mineral deficiency.
    Taking the wrong vitamins
    Toxic metals
    Inheritance of mineral patterns from parents
    Birth Control Pills
    Poor diet

    Here are a few facts about minerals

    *The prostate glands has more zinc than any other organ or gland in the body.
    *Mercury toxicity in the Mother can actually kill her unborn child.
    *Hyperactive kids can have too much lead in their system.
    *Arthritis pain can be cause by cadmium or lead poisoning. In these cases detox and liver support is essential.
    *Women’s premenstrual headaches are often caused by too much copper in their system.
    * Adolescent acne can be cause by lead or copper poisoning or possible zinc deficiency. Lotions with chemicals that cause these to disappear do not correct the problem. For future health these need to be addressed and minerals balanced.
    *Beryllium, lead, nickel, cadmium, and arsenic poisoning can cause cancer.

    Hair mineral analysis can take one a long way to regaining health as well as keeping their health. We are using it more and more on a variety of problems. If you have any questions on hair analysis, nutritional therapy or acupuncture please call me at 314-843-9355.


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